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Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Mr Motivating

Im here still dragging on with the after effects of the stinking virus, just have a cough and snot still , but annoying me no end , oh and ive pulled something down my side that feels like ive nettled myself day and night...bizarre , but then ive always been strange that way .
Other half is still laughing how he managed to buy a car when i was ill , we picked it up Saturday morning just before Snowmageddon hit , I do see the argument in some ways , we had to spend the back payment fairly quickly or be penalised for having it , the car is ex mobility and comes with a hoist to enable me to get his spazzy chariot in and out of the boot .  But I just dont get the whole modern car thing , its all very Starship Enterprise , very pointless gadget ridden and a million controls for the sound system . He says im just an old dinosaur and need to move with the times
Next week were back at Sheffield Hospital so i guess we will see if it likes the motorway , Mr goes back to see neurology and get a verdict on whether he can drive again or not .  I think hes vaguely accepted that he probably wont be doing , I just wish they would make theyre minds up one way or the other .
Then he gets a phonecall from a strange mumbly little indian doctor to say theyre now referring him to Hull spinal after 2 years of doing bog all at Lincoln, hes had countless steroid injections into his spine and pelvis all they achieved was to give him headaches for weeks on end , now they say it could be something to do with a benign growth that he has in the inoperable part of his spinal damage , we think theyre clutching at straws but apparently Hull may be able to embolise it , to see if it does any good . Sounds like fun .
On the heart problems , theyre still baffled , they cant find anything wrong with his heart despite him having every test under the sun but the fact remains that it keeps skipping beats, hes just got to wander round with his spray and dial 999 if in doubt .
This makes Mr Bah Humbug sound like a total physical wreck , but hes gimping about as usual , hes a very overweight moth eaten Ewok , though changing his drugs has meant hes lost 2 stone you cant tell , hes much more lucid with this new chemical cocktail though hes in a lot more pain and can only manage walking with his crutches for a few yards at the moment , what he needs is loads of sunshine and a days fishing , hurry up Spring !!

Friday, 9 March 2018

All Snotted Up

Forgive my break due to ill health, I ended up once again with the snot virus from hell , a real sleep 20 hours a day and wander round the house like something from a 50s horror movie  , in fact i now have wonderful infected sinuses and difficulty moving as ive coughed so much . So im just wandering round like the Wrath of God at the moment , wondering why nothing appears to have been done in the house for over a week !!! and struggling with the decision of who to kill first....its a hard choice . 
The one moaning because hes got no clean socks or the muppet who never thought to take the mouldy batch of towels out of the washer ?  People who moan because Im not available for the school run or childcare ?
My current favourite is my OH who has just now informed me because im up and about now , hes booked to go and look at a car tomorrow at Hunstanton , he cant drive and ive just tried to demolish the gatehole while having a coughing fit , hes a bright bugger bless him

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Let It Snow

Well this is nice , I had planned a big clean today , but theyre all stuck at home so doubtless it will be make a thousand cuppas and feed the five thousand
Mr Bah Humbug is grumping over his disability , he remembers the days of towing the kids down the lane on a car bonnet , fun with tractors etc etc now he darent set foot out of the door
Penny Cat is glued to a window watching snow fall , shes fascinated but horrified when you open the window and she realises its cold and wet out there .
I just keeping looking at the light quality and thinking should i dig out some cross stitch or other embroidery for a few hours , just because its so bright and white out there .
We are nearly out of bread so I guess we had better go and mug a pensioner they seemed to be gathering it all up in armfuls yesterday in Tesco . I didnt bother there was only the weird stuff left on the shelves , so I will set the munchkin on later for a batch of bread rolls and some of his favourite current buns .
Tesco tip off , theyre having a bit of a frozen food sale at the moment , it may not be in every branch as Tesco sales can be a bit that way . But it does appear that theyre selling off lots of their everyday value items , burgers fish fingers etc anyone know of a child that looks at a fishfinger and says im sorry its not Birdseye im not eating it ? Does this mean theyre doing away with them? theyre not great but if your skint its food and its filling . Ive made meatballs for bolognese with the cheap burgers the last few months , nobody noticed . There probably wont be a requiem if the sausages are going  theyve all complained about them.unless they came attached to a hunk of yorkshire pudding and onion gravy .... Cheesecakes and christmas buffet stuff , plus other big brand items really cheap . Theres lots of the veggie quorn and linda mcartney stuff half price as well . Im partial to Linda Mccartney veggie sausage rolls and nobody noticed the difference between cheap burgers and veggie burgers once theyre in a bun with chutney onion rings and whatever yellow label posh cheese ive lathered on them   All great freezer fillers for those of us who dont have the luxury of choice.
Sadly im still struggling to get my head round being able to shop and having choice , maybe i should sue the DWP for damaging my mental health?
The winds building up and its snowing like the clappers here ive not heard a single vehicle in the last hour and earlier there was only one or two , we may lose the electric shortly so its off to go and do the bread rolls , we have a big camping gas stove for just such occasions , living in the country is such fun.......byeee

Saturday, 24 February 2018

Spend Spend Spend

Still buying oranges , It sounds very wartime Britain doesnt it ?

What did you miss most during the famine sir ?

Fruit when theres frost on the ground and a good pork chop!

So im building my store cupboards back up ...gradually ..though a trip to the butcher who will do what i like at Grimsby has helped , a seller of dreadful chicken but willing to go in the back and drag out half a cow to cut me some nice fatty stew beef , he just laughs and shakes his head , but im not sure how anyone makes good stew with that dreadful lean stuff they have in the supermarkets . he also did me a deal on a mountain of rump steak  and a huge pile of mangled lamb chops that also go into stew , then it was off to another butchers for the sausages we like and a couple of tiny pork joints , plus a gammon for Easter . Once upon a time there were pork butchers , poultry butchers and cow and sheep butchers but you didnt do lots of different meats till the war , so back in the day there was little cross contamination within the food chain , convenience always seems to muck things up .

 This weeks highlights have included The Jack Monroe spat with the local conservatives over using her as an example of living and feeding a child on £10 a week , I must admit that i would be a bit peeved as well . She documented a period in her life when due to bureaucratic incompetence she and her child nearly starved to death and this is what the Tories think is what we should aspire to? 

On the what is society coming to front , yesterday I was in Cleethorpes first thing just to find two police cars and 3 police officers having a wee chat with 3 homeless folks sat on a bench in the high street , it looked as if one had slept there all night and they wanted him gone , they were giving him the long lecture about arresting him for begging , that he was intimidating people passing by etc etc . they looked as bored as i think the young man involved was . But a woman from one of the nearby shops was ranting on, then  the coppers got there blues on and went to do some real policing .
I was just popping to the cafe so asked him if he wanted a coffee , bear in mind he had frost on his blankets and was blue and shaking . Come back with the coffee and had a wee chat .
It seems he can stay there so long as hes on his own and doesnt speak to anyone . Me talking to him and giving him a coffee was being photographed by the woman from the shop , like i give a monkeys

He seemed a nice enough lad polite but with drug problems . He then asked if i could spare 2 quid
my reply
Nope chuck , because £2 X 5 is enough to buy a wrap isnt it
He just laughed and said
For an old bird you know how its done

Lol ...Young Baldrick taught me a lot

Monday, 19 February 2018

Party On

Sorry for the absence , we were in the Caribbean on a cruise , we just popped down the tattoo shop for Mr to have a full back tattoo of Theresa Mays face with thank you and a halo above it then we started smoking, got drunk    did some drugs and bought a takeaway...the shop that is !!
Have you guessed im kidding yet or are you friends with my mother?
Please try not to laugh at this sorry DWP story that I couldnt make up . Now the day after my last post Mr Bah Humbug was doing his endless checking of his bank account he checks it at least 4 times a day its a symptom of the mental health problems he has . Now hes on the internet as the clock turns midnight because hes in agony and isnt sleeping well at all . Next think I know hes gasping and trying to reach his spray as im reaching for the phone to dial 999 , yep a big angina attack a two sprayer as he charmingly calls them .
Dont phone he manages to gasp out , theyve been in my bank account again . Of course i assumed theyd took a load out from the back  PIP money hed been paid .
I calmed him down his heart rate settles , hes asking for a cuppa because his spray tastes awful and im telling him it doesnt matter weve survived this long etc etc etc .
He turns his puter round and says take a look , I look and nearly fell through my knicker leg , they had dropped every penny of the year long ESA refusal into his bank account on the stroke of midnight with no warning , no letter no anything .
He then chimes up with ....well at least you would have had the money to pay for my funeral !! with a beaming grin on his face.
Have we partied ? nope we have had oranges 2 weeks on the trot though we dont have to worry about the fuel for his endless hospital trips , he bought himself some bulbs for a radio he wants to do up  and a cross stitch for me ive been after for ages .
Our caseworker is horrified , she says we have survivor guilt and shouldnt just sit here , but at the moment i just feel totally numb .....

Friday, 9 February 2018

We won , well sort of

Today im feeling mostly surreal , the dystopian fantasy land of being a Benefit Scrounger has got even stranger . Legal daughter managed to sort out the Great Housing Benefit scandal of 2017 .  The vast (to us) amount that has appeared in the Housing account with no explanation  is all ours . So in the space of 14 days weve gone from facing eviction to loaded, well sort of .

It would seem that the DWP has informed them that they shouldnt have ceased our Housing Benefit since June of last year , they  tried to evict us, then decided not to because they had no disabled adapted properties to rehouse us into  ( to those overseas ...yes they do evict you from State Housing for non payment of rent , but if youre vulnerable or disabled tenants they then have to rehouse you in equivalent property elsewhere ,due to DUTY of Care regulations , if youre not disabled its usually to B&B or hostel accomodation ) 

 They  gave us a half payment of the rent through Discretionary Housing Benefit , despite us then having income of £30 a week , if you have no income you have to pay the rent WTF , so we once again amassed enough arrears for them to start the eviction process for the third time in six months .
 It would seem that everyone has now accepted the fact that we live on next to nothing have had no income of any sort since December etc etc etc . They now accept that we have been telling the truth for over a year about our finances my partners illness etc etc. If  family, friends , you lot and the church had not supported us through this time I dont know where we would have ended up .

 Our caseworker at P3 has been solid gold and has been like a dog with a bone dealing with the DWP , she deserves a medal for the hours she has spent on our case , even she says its the worst shes ever handled. 

Now let me explain another Benefits anomaly that leaves me baffled ,  because there is a separate budget for Discretionary Housing Benefit which is a well kept secret that Local Councils dont tell you about unless you ask. If they pay it to your rent account they cant pay it back to themselves if they then find that Central Government has then granted ordinary everyday Housing Benefit , so it just sits in your rent account , Ive tried to give it them back they cant take it !!
Theyve sent me a form to request it into my bank account !!  But its not mine and I dont want it !! we had a whole argument with them about this . So my plan is to leave it sat there because lets face it , this year we have Armageddon Universal Credit to look forward to , so once again we would amass a minimum of six weeks of rent arrears and i cant believe it will go that smoothly being us . Nobody is happy with me about this decision, but to me it makes sense. Despite being a scrounger , I would like to pay for what we have , this is not a lifestyle we have chosen , illness has caused it .
Still got the Carers and the backdated ESA battles to fight, but at least now we have a small regular payment  coming in to cover the bills.

Take a deep breath , rant over..................for now

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

TA De Da

Well nothing has DWP wars still ongoing theyre still arguing that they shouldnt backdate any payments , we should just suck up the fact they got it very wrong ...dont think so !!
Today is attempt to sort out the Housing Benefit Day after they added incest and killing family members to the calculations its now got so bad that Legal daughter has taken the day off to try and sort this out . We got from owing them thousands in the space of 14 days to thousands appearing in our rent account overnight , this clearly isnt our money and although its tempting to ask for the overpayment and do a runner , it needs sorting , ive tried to talk to them and all i get is the usual you are guilty of benefit fraud speech , we havent notified them of changes etc etc etc . To me it just looks like total incompetence because we have informed them of all the changes and given them all the income proof they have asked for , we just get the you cant have lived on that amount you must be hiding income somewhere speech . So I wish my daughter luck ...much
Trip to Lincoln to pick up the Ipad i killed and opticians later and Mr Bah Humbug has said if im feeling brave we could have lunch at Morrisons , see were squandering again.
Being Benefit Beggars, im sad to say we havent ordered our Sky , huge telly or got a few tattoos   , but Mr is looking as Spazzy Chariots as he so charmingly puts it , hes getting to that stage but its the price of the wretched things, plus i have to be able to lift it etc etc , told him he should save up for one once were rich , he pointed out if he saved hed be dead before he got one , but i think he just wants to feel useful and take the munchkin to school and potter round the village a bit , plus he could trundle down to see grandad a bit more , he rarely goes  out except for hospital and doctors and the view through the window is pretty boring after a few months

Monday, 29 January 2018

Lost The Will

Im sure im endlessly repeating myself , going in circles , living some bizarre nightmare . 
We finally got some of the PIP money , not much but enough to pay the more urgent outstanding bills the ones we have a court date for  , we treated ourselves to a Chinese Takeaway and then sat and looked at each other . The award at the tribunal was for 3 years , but because it was a lose for them they may well want to reassess after 6 months a particularly vile practice that happens often . But it gives 6 months of half the minimum amount that the government says a couple need to survive without a disability 
Does it never end , we are still fighting the ESA battle. We have now been awaiting processing for so long that we must reapply from scratch . The year long old claim has been sent to a "decision maker"  So we have reapplied with the exact same information we sent them a year ago , if they insist on another medical we could be looking at 9 months waiting again .
My application for carers allowance has been rejected because Mr Bah Humbug isnt in receipt of any qualifying benefits ???? Oh yes he is , you cant phone them you must submit a mandatory reconsideration form , just filled that in ...........
So thats how things stand we have another week of heavy duty hospital appointments this week all over the place but at least we have the fuel money for a change , but we darent spend anything in case we never get the other outstanding matters sorted .
Ho hum , no wonder im going quietly mad 

Friday, 19 January 2018

PIP ESA DWP Make an Anagram?

Well what to say , we had the caseworker round yesterday she rang the DWP about the PIP decision and they said... what decision?  We had left it the required 9 working days and they did eventually find it . They pointed out that it would be be a while to examine it and make a decision waffled a bit more sucked there teeth and said it could take 8 weeks to process ..Ho hum
Then we rang the DWP about the year of  waiting for ESA to be sorted , this was a tad more interesting , we appeared to get someone a wee bit further up the food chain rather than the usual pondlife reading it off a screen .
  Oh you havent filled out form ????  it was sent on the 2nd January

 we havent had a form in fact weve had nothing since his medical back in November !! and the pink form that nobody had heard of back at the beginning of December !!

Ah ...well we have 14 weeks to process the claim

It was submitted back in January 2017!!

14 weeks to process the claim from his medical that is , we will send you a copy of the form we require

So under hardship rules , how do you explain leaving a disabled person with no income at all since June 2017 ?

Ermmm, we will backdate the payments till June 2017 ? Once we get the required forms back


Then I went online to the government website to apply for Carers Allowance , a simple 11 page form that will doubtless generate another paper encyclopedia form , this takes around 12 weeks to process

You couldnt make it up


Just had a phonecall from the DWP , they will pay his PIP money into his bank account , they are not appealing . Mr BHs first thought , can I have some more special shoes as I might be able to go out now ... Me , we can have a whole bag of oranges !!

Also more forms in the post for ESA that we have now filled in 4 times AARRGGHHH

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Light Relief

So what does a bored carer do with her time ?   Thats right you wander down the endless bookmarked  list of stuff  that you thought you might find useful  in the Event  , ive always been a bit of a survivalist nutcase , I blame my Nuclear Granny , she was always off on a protest or ranting about the Russians coming ...Or it could have been my dad , hed done some seriously strange stuff during the war and was a scarily good forager and poacher who thought it might be useful for an eight year old to know what was edible and what wasnt . He also some what worryingly taught me about poison plants and how to wipe people out with mushrooms, plus how to stab to kill  ..Bless him he was a very strange bloke .
But saying that I can rustle up a salad and green veg all year round so long as nobody questions whats in it .  Make roadkill oven ready, etc ive decided to start teaching the munchkin once the weather improves and i can amputate his fingers from his tablet . As a child you see no use in any of the stuff your taught , but some of it sinks in and remains useful .

Being as im not allowed to ebay due to the powers that be stating that i must do nothing to help myself and the current situation , merely sit here with my hand out going woe is me .
Ive figured out they cant stop the garden working for me , theres plenty of room for my strange growing hobbies alongside my usual veg patch and i have an endless interest in the uses of native and other plants , not so much in there medicinal uses but there uses for other things. daft stuff like nettle fibre for weaving etc etc .
This weeks interesting fact , all the ranting about them prescribing Metformin to those who "might get type 2 diabetes "  back in the 16th century older people used to drink Lilac tea daily , thats right Metformin is Lilac tea in a pill , im stating this as a generality ive no interest in making my own, but an interesting fact .
So from time to time you may get a light relief post , just a break from DWP wars , even more crafty strangeness once the swollen thumbs go down , a weird after effect from the snot and sore throat bug doing the rounds. I'm afraid being a full time carer isnt very mentally stimulating , much as I love my other half , theres only so much crap TV i can watch with him , plus being unable to go out until we sort something out with the DWP is soul destroying . I managed a jumble sale yesterday funded by my son and  I came back with 3 books and a nightie

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

PIP Ahoy

Well thats another step in this wretched journey over with , we attended court yesterday for our emergency PIP Tribunal , a performance getting Mr BH there and sorted , but we made it .
The DWP didnt even bother to show up , theyve made just 2 appearances in the time the tribunal has been sitting .
The panel were lovely , a retired GP , judge and a gentleman in an electric wheelchair , they were very kind to him and coached him through lots of questions about what had happened on the day of his assessment , they were very interested in why we were an emergency tribunal and asked our caseworker lots of questions regarding why we are receiving nothing in other benefits . She explained that after 12 months we are still in the assessment phase for ESA that is only supposed to be 12 weeks max and that they are still doing bog all with his case except ask for more forms and information whenever we question them . And that we are amassing rent arrears into their thousands because they will not process housing benefit until he is in receipt of benefits .
The judge seemed to be bemused that the main reason he failed his assessment  was ownership of a white van , this he said is a total irrelevance .  The doctor more concerned with the fact that his mix of medication in June was a little ill advised as he put it . the lovely disabled gentleman talked him through his day and the silly petty soul destroying problems he faces . The disabled gentleman explained that the descriptors have changed from his original award and that the crawl 20m rule with aids  meant that he two had lost the higher rate of mobility 
They then asked me if hed missed anything and i detailed the level of toileting problems he faces at which point he burst into tears .  They then sent us out and debated for ages , the result was he scored 11 for care and 10 for mobility , that gives him easily enough for both the lower rates and its not a huge amount but its enough for us to live on in our normal frugal way and its a start .  The caseworker is however going to regroup and see .
The bad news is that the DWP may decide to appeal the tribunal decision in which case it could be years till we receive anything , they have 12 weeks to object, nothing will be paid till then if at all.

Sunday, 31 December 2017

Good Riddance 2017

Will i wave goodbye with a tear in my eye?  Hardly what a shitter of a year it has been . 
At least Young Baldrick seems to have settled down, hes now living with a divorced older lady with 3 small children , shes physically disabled and hes her carer . Couldnt make it up but he seems to be settled , off drugs and enjoying being a house elf and child care operative , not a conventional relationship but im past caring .
The DWP reopen properly on Tuesday , so we can once again waste our time applying for their charity . we have the PIP tribunal to look forward to , we have forwarded the whole of Mr BHs GP notes to them , to see if it causes as much humour in their office as it did on the cardio unit . oops just had to remove a whole paragraph on the GPs due to legal reasons !!
The hospital reopens properly on Tuesday as well , so we will know a bit better what the next set of plans for Mr BH are , where hes going etc .  Nottingham has been mentioned , because hes a bit rare and unusual etc etc .  He does seem to be quite popular with the junior minion doctors , he has such a weird collection of problems that  they cluster round him like flies . 

Then to give me the final laugh of the year we get a letter on the mat from Council Tax detailing their calculations for the year dated 25th December , in on Xmas Day ? North Kesteven Council must have some dedicated elves !!
Anyway they have killed Mr Bah Humbug, hes now deceased , my son is now my partner and we have a child together !! I know we live out on the fen but do they find incest normal?  nothing at all is right on this statement , so thats another job for the New Year . Doubtless I will be guilty of benefit Fraud yet again for their mistakes , i'm quite looking forward to this one , I may even see if the caseworker is busy or I could take Mr Bah Humbug and explain hes risen from the dead?

So onwards to 2018 im thinking of changing the blog name to Diary of a Benefit Scrounger , my mothers suggestion , just think all the Daily Mail readers could come and gloat........till it happens to them

Monday, 25 December 2017

Over & Done

Thats the Most Boring Day of the Year over and done with.  Really lost the will to live this week im afraid .
Mr Bah Humbug decided to have his heart stop while at the cardio clinic , so it was all panic stations and admit him to hospital . Much drama then much scratching of heads from the medical people , his heart keeps stopping for no apparent reason but its restarting ,so not to worry?  , they thought he had a valve gone due to his traces , they were all geared up took him up to theatre and found nada.  Much to their bafflement his heart is perfectly healthy , he has virtually no furring in fact hes remarkably healthy for a little fat furry bloke.
They kept asking him if he has chest pain , but as he pointed out hes in pain all the time , so they are going for unstable angina , till they can come up with anything else, but they think it could be linked to his neurological problems . His ribs are still broken so he has chest pain with every movement , they kicked him out with all new drugs and a spray and want him back after xmas ...baffled just baffled
DONT WORRY!!!! well he wont his new pills mean hes tripping and giggly , but im going out of my mind , he musnt have any stress , hes just got to sit there till he goes back to hospital .
There are pluses in our world , we came home to a pair of huge boxes on the doorstep , turned out to be from The New Life Church , someone had nominated us for a Xmas Aid parcel , everything we needed for xmas day even a giant chicken .  We hadnt shopped due to still no funds, 9 months processing ESA and theyre still at it , 6 months for PIP appeal , PIP tribunal in January , though he may have to attend with his heart monitor on !! They will send him with paramedics if hes an in patient at the time , happens quite a lot we gather .
So xmas was quiet , everyone went elsewhere except sarcastic son , who wouldnt leave me on my own with Mr Bah Humbug . I did achieve, i managed to blow up the steamer give myself an electric shock  and blistered my thumb . It made my heart pound a wee bit .
So thats me for the foreseeable , tea lady and heart monitor , i keep checking hes still here .........

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

This Is The End

Well The End of the posts till after Xmas  Im xmased out im afraid ive no interest at all so im not planing , im ignoring it . Went into Lincoln yesterday , to sort out some of my banking horrors , sorted some things , some i cant sort .
We are now discovering that the problems with the DWP are being made 10 times worse by out GPs sending letters back to them saying that Mr BH has depression and carpel tunnel syndrome all 4 lines they sent back in 2015 , none of his spinal problems or other stuff just that !! They also havent even bothered to reply to the other requests the DWP  have sent to them . Yes we requested his patient files from the practice manager and its opened up a whole kettle of worms that beggers belief , big chunks seem to be missing . So yes it does look as if things will end up going legal . So im informed i cant mention this anymore in public but yes we are still having daily problems with them .
Still taking any food offered we did get a foodbank parcel  delivered by our case worker and yesterday a huge bag of fruit and veg from the church food bank who have hit a big problem due to bad weather , Tesco donates  all their end of day fresh goods to them , but the homeless dont want salad this time of year , i will take it anytime Mr BH being diabetic needs a plant based diet , plus most people dont want baby sweetcorn or avocados, so thats todays job blanching veg for the freezer , loads of apples as well and a carrier bag full of bananas  . Its not people being ungrateful its just a perfect storm at the moment . Snow and ice mean even the foodbank is less busy and those who usually take fresh stuff cant get in . So ive stocked up the freezer and things dont go to waste thats all im bothered about  . Plus it will be bread and butter pudding for xmas, we got a carrier back full of end of day bakery goods, some were reheated for tea last night the rest can go in the freezer . Krispy Creme doughnut bread pudding sounds good to me !!
On a foodbank note i was in their talking to one of the volunteers and she said donations have risen 20 fold in the last week , though if they never see another chocolate orange they wont be heartbroken a company donated a van  What they are desperate for are toilet rolls and tinned fruit and uht milk .
So bye for now folks speak to you  Boxing Day .............

Friday, 8 December 2017

Leisure Time

How am i coping being a lady of "leisure " Im now a full time carer as Mr BH cannot be left alone at all . He seems to think this means I should be attached to his ankle at all times . Imagine a giant toddler hanging off your leg all day . My other imagery is Jabba the Hutt with Princess Leah  chained  to him , sadly i dont look good in a bikini  im more burkini material , had to get a Star Wars reference in because its everywhere you look at the moment, anybody would think they had a film to promote .
On the medical front we are now the least popular people at our Doctors practice due to my beloved daughter putting in a complaint , suddenly we can get appointments , in fact they ring and offer us them , everythings through gritted teeth but hey ho its the only doctors there is here so we are struck with each other .
The reason for the complaint ? Well after the other night at casualty , we were told he must see the GP first thing to have another ecg and bloods and we must insist this happened , rang to get an appointment and at 3 minutes past 8 there were none , asked for the triage nurse to ring me back which she did eventually , she stated that unless we had a letter from the hospital there was nothing wrong with Mr BH heart and he wouldnt be seen. Tuesday tried again same response . Tuesday night daughter rang and asked for the practice complaints procedure . Wednesday theyre ringing and throwing us appointments , it seems they found the fax from the hospital finally !!
The gist is he mustnt be alone because they have given him a spray to use but hes confused so i have to be with him 24 7 , hes on blood tests every other day and ecg till he sees the Cardiologist , because his traces are "strange" .
But the big problem is that his pain relief  has to be discontinued because it can affect the heart , one of them is worse to come off than heroin and will take a couple of weeks of gradual lowering of dose , its  2 days and its not going well , hes in agony and he can barely move sleep or much else , we wont go into the gorier details but this is going to be fun , hes also paranoid and agressive . The GP wont perscribe anything else for the pain because he hasnt seen the cardiologist, how long is a piece of string . He also needs to be at Sheffield next week on an all dayer at 2 hospitals and lincoln for different scans , the GPS being useless have screwed up the sedation he needs for me to get him there short of chaining him screaming in the back of the van not sure how this is going to happen because by then he probably wont be able to walk at all .
Then to make matters even more fun it seems we have the council are coming to paint up the house and all the doors and windows must be open for 24 hours a day , mmmm theyre pvc windows , we cant be here because were hospital hopping etc etc and sarcastic son is helping in British heart on the work or be sanctioned scheme ...aaaarrrggghhh
Isnt it Xmas sometime

Saturday, 2 December 2017

Attending An Event

Well I did rather think I should be wearing something sparkly with added festive hat and earrings sat at the hospital last night .
We got a phone call from the Neurology Consultant at Sheffield tea time last night , strange we thought theyve only just started his tests , he had blood and ecg Tuesday , hes back for lots more in the run up to xmas . The lovely lady said
Do not panic

He panics of course and throws the phone at me and says his usual deal with this!!

Turns out there was something strange on his ecg and his bloods were rather odd so she didnt think it was serious but was going to ask Cardiology to have a look but mostly she was asking if we had had more problems with the GP because she was going to fax them and if that still got no response, report them.  Result methinks ....
 10 minutes later the phone rings its the Cardiology consultant from Sheffield . Mr Bah Humbug  needs to go straight to A&E, he then dictates me a list of meaningless gibberish to me that we must give to them and says we must insist hes seen immediately and show them the gibberish .
So off we go , to the plague pit of Lincoln , with the warning signs on the doors that its closed to admissions due to flu , no visitors etc .Ambulances parked allover etc .
Well we went to the desk and the rather disinterested receptionist says its at least a 5 hour wait , it was like photographs of war zone hospitals in the waiting area , stank of sick, pools of sick , dozens of small children , all the pensioners who had been waiting to go home all day etc etc . So i handed her the list dictated by the consultant with his name and number on and we got seen pretty quickly
I have to say the staff despite the utter chaos seemed to be plastering a smile on and getting on with it remarkably well , they had run out of bays for the ambulances sat full of patients, couldnt admit anyone so they were all being ferried elsewhere hence the glut of pensioners waiting for transport . Well they did another ECG took yet more blood and stood looking at the results and as the Doctor said ...thats unusual , had any chest pains ?

Ive got broken ribs had them since January , so yes lots

off we go to xray

After 6 hours we get to go home , yes he has had cracked ribs one has gone again but it appears, after lots of people looked at his ECG he also has a rather unusual form of Angina .
They sent us home because they cant admit and the nearest bed was Nottingham , as the Doctor said it hasnt killed you yet and youve had this a long while , come back Monday .
Going home Mr Bah Humbug chimes up with
Thats weird my dad has Angina , hes had it since he was in his 30s , he always has to go to Sheffield about it .
So it would appear he has a hereditary heart condition to add to everything else ...BLEEDIN MEN

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Heat On The Horizon?

Theres a little ray of sunshine on the horizon we may have a little heating oil for xmas , the cold in this house is killing me by inches . After the nasty snot bug we have all had , including Mr BH who has cracked ribs yet again but cant get a doctors appointment . The munchkin coughing so much he was sick and had to stay off school , and my  post viral asthma making me so breathless , something i get after colds , we are like march of the zombies .  We just keep a tiny oil filled radiator on all the time to keep the living room warm for Mr BH.

The DWP are asking for yet more information as to why im not working more hours plus they want more information that theyve had at least 3 times , so thats a weekends work to get on with ..
Im so sick of Mr Bah Humbug saying "when this is sorted out we will be fine " Ive long understood that it will never be sorted out , this is the future of daring to become disabled in this shitty country , endless debt and contempt from those just one rung up on the ladder . .

We had visitors from the council yet again the other day , they wernt happy that we have no heating , they want to fit a new energy efficient boiler , which it seems is going to be a big job , theyve gone back to the council gulag to consult with the council caseworker we have never seen or heard of since she was appointed , the one who never responds to the messages you leave etc etc . I wish them luck

Then we went to see the wizards at the Royal Hallamshire about the odd problems Mr Bah Humbug has , lovely lady was seen , suitably appalled that we have to travel that far when theres a neurology outpatients at Lincoln. even more appalled when she found that Mr Bah Humbugs notes consisted of half a dozen sheets only about his suspected stroke in June , it seems that this multi million pound computerisation of all our files means that even a consultant at a huge teaching hospital cant access anything from another health authority  and can only access 6 months worth without a huge wait and a special request ..bizarre , she couldnt even see any of his scans so they all have to be repeated at Sheffield next week along with some others , so thats another £30 journey .

The gist of the visit is that she thinks he has migraine with aura , we hope he has anyway but then she took him away for a physical exam came back and asked about his suspected stroke , asked why he had only had a CT scan weeks later , why he hadnt been referred urgently to stroke services etc etc. I had to explain that there is nowhere to send him to currently in Lincolnshire except for extreme cases.

Her comment
 Why am I surprised , my parents live in Wales and its just as bad . Centralised services just means that unless you live in a city there will be no healthcare .

So the result of the trip to the wizards ....he musnt drive , he may be having micro strokes , they wont inform the DVLA until he has a firm diagnosis .  But I must make sure he doesnt drive , not that he has being doing for a good few months . Hes got to go on a migraine regime , something i havent looked up yet , just to see if it stops the aura .

Sounds like progress , until yesterday when i had to ring our GP to request his sedation for the scans , spoke to the receptionist and explained who refused an appointment and told me that we had to submit a written request from the consultant in Sheffield because it isnt our Healthcare Trust  ..AARRGGHH spent most of the morning on the phone trying to do that ,eventually spoke to the consultants secretary ,  but the consultant isnt back on shift till Friday , theyre going to ring us then and we will go from there.
So explain this to me why are they sending folks all over the country to see specialists when nothing is coordinated to let the specialist do their job ?

Thursday, 23 November 2017

And Then

I have noticed that i tend to get more viewers the more miserable my life becomes , is that because of the Eastenders effect? The more miserable life is the better it makes you feel about yours ? I do wonder , but then again some of you been visiting for years and are a wonderful supportive bunch .
Things have took a grim turn yet again , wage slip due to illness this month wont cover the cost of running the business . So income zero for both of us and its xmas , im glad we dont celebrate except for a turkey dinner , which is languishing in the freezer , its going to be fully frozen this year and all i will need is a bit of fresh veg .
Im expecting the bank to shut down the business in the next 30 days , ive broken my agreement by not earning enough ..ho hum there was the news that the DWP have finally clarified the rules for self employment and universal credit , you must work at least 35 hours and have an income after expenses of at least £1700 and something a month , something ive not achieved since Mr Bah Humbug took a turn for the worse , if i was getting Carers Allowance I would have to work 24 hours a week on top , so theyre saying i must care 35 hours a week and also work 24 hours a week , so you must work 59 hours a week to qualify for any help at all????  Plus theres the fact that I work far more than 35 hours a week caring , im up 3 to 4 times a night at the moment , with his endless nosebleeds and toilet trips and helping him back into bed after he falls out and being punched and kicked over and over , one of the things your not supposed to mention if youre a carer,  im struggling to fit work around the Drs and Hospital appointments and it looks as if im going to have plenty of my own shortly .
Then to make matters even more fun , we had a really odd council surveyor turn up peering through our windows , strange bloke a bit like Jacob Rees Moggs younger brother . But it would seem that he had been sent to investigate the "claims" that we dont have double glazing  I explained the whole sorry tale about how none of the houses in this street that were council houses had double glazing and that the council actually accused us of stealing and selling the double glazing , he looked at me gone out until my next door neighbour come out and had a go about it, they have lived here through the whole fiasco , the council paid for double glazing and the fitters put in single upvc windows about 15 years ago and somebody at the council signed them off as double , when this was finally admitted 5 years ago, they promptly fitted double glazing in the 2 pensioner properties and left our 4 houses with the single glazing . Now the problem is that the new folks over the road have a premature baby whos stuck in hospital because there home isnt up to Letable home standard which states they must have double glazing in when a tenancy is granted , I was already aware of this because im an evil old gossip but the man from the council says they can only fit new windows every 30 years and they dont get any more money from central government for refits . Unless theyre vulnerable tenants , I pointed out my partner and the fact that my neighbour collects her pension in February , so hes off back to see what he can do , but being a surveyor he had a good root round and was suitably appalled at some of the so called repairs that have been done and the fact that a lot of the repairs that have been signed off have never been done . So we have them coming to do the gutters and roof repairs that they have signed off as been done  on all the houses tomorrow , under the actual councils supervision , the painting up outside that has been signed off twice is going to be done in the spring , we have a meeting about the heating tomorrow , should be a laugh as we have none due to lack of funds.
The one he really liked was the window they had fitted kitchen cupboards over the top of without removing and bricking it up .....have fun folks

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Poverty Plans

Today we shall discuss the coming of the Apocalypse ...aka ...Universal Credit , we are fortunate that its not scheduled till next July here , the first big push starts at the end of the month in a lot of areas .
Never in the history of mankind has a good idea been so badly organised , when it was first announced there was supposed to be huge cost savings by combining all the benefits together , quite a good idea .  Then the Tory Party gave the job to various cronies and American companies and it has turned into a witch hunt on the poorest and most vulnerable .
Number 1
The Housing Benefit scandal
they are no longer going to pay peoples rent direct to the landlord , already every to let sign going up has  No DSS on it , this should be shut down hard , its discrimination the like of which hasnt been seen since the 70s , the good old days of landlords evicting people because they were poor or disabled . Doubtless we will have loads of programmes to cheer up my mother along the lines of Benefits and Bailiffs because there all scroungers out there .
Number 2
The 2 child rule
You will no longer be able to claim anything extra if you have more than 2 children . Seems fair enough why would you want more kids if you cant afford them . This was supposed to only affect those who were born after a certain date . What they forgot to mention is that any change to your benefits means that those who already have more than 2 children will lose the portion of their benefits for the extra kids so thats a whole generation blighted because they are worthless .Also is it 2 kids to one mother ? or will men still just wander around breeding any old how . My mother will enjoy Benefit Breeders the new tv programme or have they not already done that one ?

Now I will get out my crystal ball and look to the future
The Government has decided that due to the single child rule each teenager must care for 10 frail elderly , while holding down a 60 hour working week at the incontinence pad factory  .  this of course is a good thing , they will inherit all the belongings and property of the elderly they care for . After 90% death duties of course .
Due to the lack of low skill labour the rich will be buying foreign staff from Amazon, thats if they can find any foreign staff who are willing to come here ..
I could go on and on and on , but instead heres a pretty knitting pattern , from the days when you could have kids ,stay at home and be a mother , cook wholesome food and be everything that the feminist sisterhood fought against

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Still Here

Ive survived my latest brush with the NHS , first day back at work yesterday , ive been working from home all week , code for making a token effort online while feeling like death, got to see the Dr next week just to keep him happy , so we will see .
Poor old Mr BH is baffled as he says . Im the one whos always ill !!!! .  Just to make matters better I had to do an urgent Tesco Online shop with what wages i had , I quickly realised this lot arent capable of any kind of budget shopping or cooking , so the freezer is full of everyday sausages , nasty pies , crap burgers etc etc , but the simple fact is that if im not here they will order takeway which at its cheapest is what i would feed the family for a week on  , then be whining at the doors of the foodbank for the next month.
The Tesco online shop went well , try putting tesco cat food into the search bar if you want a laugh , among the cat food you get Regal cigarettes and a glorious pink Barbie car?? So our cat has some strange wish list on there?
The poor old cat isnt happy with us , she was neutered courtesy of Cats Protection this week , she finally found her howl when i dropped her off then started her howl again when i took her for her check up much for the she will be sleepy for a couple of days mantra , she came home leapt out of her cat basket shot up the curtains and proceeded to hiss and spit at us all evening from on high . now she hates us
Caseworker came back from her holidays to find theres been no progress at all with anything , it would seem Mr BH has another different medical for ESA next week that we had heard nothing about , what a surprise , so she is taking him for it . I wish her luck as his walking is once again dire , his nose is bleedin constantly and they think hes popped his ribs again . This is his Fit For Work  He just wants to go back on his flexible learning programme at the college a couple of hours a week when hes up to it , but they wont fund it unless hes in certain criteria . Im just worried that once again they will find him fit for work , then we have the whole rigmarole of the Job Center again with its 2 disabled parking spots and nowhere else you can park for miles .  Hes unable to attend unless i go with him , if the lift isnt working he cant manage the stairs and it just turns into a whole demeaning circus for him . complete with security escorting him 12ft from the front door where they are no longer liable if he tumbles , they cant help him in any way just ring for an ambulance . 
We shall see ...............